Julius Caesar for Kids (and Parents and Educators)

Our shows provide the perfect venue for children to experience Shakespeare. Watch a little, quietly exit to play in the park a little, return to watch a little more — your child is able to curate their own experience based on how much of the show they are prepared to absorb. This year, for the first time, at every show we will provide an optional kids’ supplement to the program (coloring pages, wordsearch/scramble, and mad libs).

Our Parents’ and Kids’ Guide is a downloadable pdf containing information about our show, activities, links to further educational materials, and an abridged freeze/action script. We encourage children to send their completed activities to PghShakespeareParksEdu@gmail.com for inclusion in a future web gallery.

(Also available as a flipbook )

The Illustrated Synopsis is a 44 page comic, prepared for us by local artist Lydia Aceto, and licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND. It may be viewed as a flipbook (mobile), flipbook (computer) or downloaded as a pdf.

PRESHOW WORKSHOP:   “HOW AN ACTOR PREPARES: FOR KIDS – AND ADULTS – OF ALL AGES!  Final Three Weekends, Please Arrive by 12:45, No registration necessary, Free (donations accepted

Have you ever wondered how actors “do what they do”? What happens backstage before the curtain rises? Join teaching artists Tonya Lynn and Sarah Carleton as they lead participants through a brief vocal and physical performer warm-up, do text work and physicalization of language  on the famous Brutus and Cassius argument scene, and check out how PSIP sets up our ‘stage’ and how fight call is run. 

PRESHOW STORYTELLING BY ALAN IRVINE. All Shows except opening day. Julius Caesar: The Quick Version – right before the play, Storyteller Alan Irvine presents a fast-paced, comic, storytelling version of the play so that you can tell who’s who and what’s happening.


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